Foul Play & Charity Exploiters : Mrs Yang Delivers Stinging Rebuke.

The reported collusion between Mr Peter Li, employee of the charity ‘Humane Society International’ and the renegade UK charity, known as ‘No To Dog Meat’, to intimidate the elderly Mrs Yang is more than concerning. In spite of the best efforts of Mr Li and the trustees of ‘No To Dog Meat’ to defame Mrs Yang, the bad taste left in the mouth is related to Western charities and fundraisers attempts to exploit the trade in dogs and cats for meat and fur to build their own donor portfolio. Whatever has induced Mr Peter Li to participate in supporting the tinpot UK charity to cheat Mrs Yang of money, donated to alleviate the suffering of her rescues, can only be viewed now as him also colluding with the ressurected alliance between the UK charity head and the bogus FB ‘organisation’ known as,’ IARF’, run by Jon Williamson, convicted Norwich UK petty arsonist, who postures as ‘Dr Jose Depre’.

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We have received a set of audio videos, with subtitles, of Mrs Yang explaining her unpleasant experience with the UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) and Mr Peter Li, a China policy specialist for the charity HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL.

First recording: Mrs Yang explains how she discovered that the UK charity had raised money in her name. It is believed that the man introduced to Mrs Yang as a Malaysian film maker was the charity trustee Mr Donkers. Why the subterfuge is anybody’s guess. NB the ‘10%’ Mrs Yang declares is all she has received, RMB 84,000, is approximately £8,400GBP.  Mrs Yang has obviously not been informed that the restricted fundraiser mission statement was for purchasing Yulin dogs AND for the upkeep of all her dogs and improvements of premises.

Second recording: Mrs Yang strongly refutes that the UK charity…

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“Home Sweet Home – Tianjin Common Home”

While being deeply saddened to learn of Mrs Yang’s plight we are not surprised to read the series of blogs from about the truly evil smear campaign of Mrs Yang, launched by the management team of UK charity ‘World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade’ AKA ‘No To Dog Meat.

When a Ms Sophie Ling joined the charity’s admin team we hoped that she would have a positive influence on the CEO. Unfortunately Sophie discovered, too late, that the CEO was ‘not for turning’ from her highly questionable behaviour as a charity head. Sophie was forced to resign her volunteer post in protest at the charity CEO tinkering with a restricted fund on Total Giving for Mrs Yang, a rescuer of cats and dogs in China.

Past readers of our blogs will know the unsavoury history of the charity; they will have listened to the two recordings of the conversation, between Ms Julia de Cadenet and an ex NTDM team member, where she is heard ‘promising to destroy’ Peter Egan and Jill Robinson of Animals Asia and threatening to pay to have her ex trustee killed.

While the good news is that Mrs Yang has found new premises to rehome her animals, from the most derelict of her shelters, the evil smear campaign is escalating daily, today we read on twitter a new accusation from a member of the NTDM team that she is a ‘puppy farmer’

As this blog states, “Mrs Yang is being subjected to the most hateful of smear campaigns, she is being called a hoarder, a trader in dogs for meat, an employer of mafia type thugs, a greedy profiteer, and an animal abuser. Little doubt remains that the smear campaign was initiated by the UK registered charity ‘World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade’ AKA ‘No To Dog Meat (NTDM)’ in an attempt to avoid sending Mrs Yang the majority of the £80k+ that was raised for her through an online fundraising platform.”

If you haven’t heard the recordings they can be found on this link: where you will see that Mrs Yang is not the first person to be subjected to a smear campaign by members of the NTDM team and she will not be the last if the charity gets away with these obnoxious tactics to defame Mrs Yang.

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Fantastic news coming out of China……

Photographs obtained this week reveal where Mrs Yang has been spending the funds she has received to date: on a new shelter in Tianjin, China, and it’s looking good!!


In a major development, photographs have now been released showing the new shelter Mrs Yang has managed to secure for her dogs. Spacious, clean and tidy, the photographs reveal Mrs Yang’s intention to continue to care for the dogs to the best of her ability. Improvements to the shelter are ongoing and should be completed in the next few weeks.

12029561_958621360864330_8567126623706616069_oOver the last few months there have been defamatory reports coming from both China and the West of the poor condition of Mrs Yang’s shelters, although it was well known before the fundraiser that Mrs Yang and some of her rescues were living in a dilapidated tenement complex in Tianjin. Her explanation was that because of her limited resources she put food for her animals…

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