Why do we care? We care because the animal kingdom is a precious part of our humanity and is deserving of human protection. Every donation diverted from respectable animal charities or fundraisers is a chance lost to save or improve the lives of animals.  We are not vigilantes, we are concerned observers and we invite animal lovers to share with us their experiences or suspicions about doubtful money raisers.

Everyone who has a thought about #animalwelfare share it. That’s your contribution. We speak for the voiceless. We will end their pain. Peter Egan     ‏@PeterEgan6

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    • Apologies Mr Webb, but you posted as a comment. Please address your questions to contact@animalbuddy.org if you wish to correspond privately. However from your posted comment, as I read it, you seem to be confused between ‘No To Dog Meat’ and ‘Say No To Dog Meat.net’. Both NTDM and SNTDM.net are under the spotlight due to the parting of the ways of the co-founders, Michele Brown & Julia de Cadenet, of NTDM during Sept. 2013. There has been, and continues to be, a determined and aggressive campaign to sabotage the Say No To Dog Meat.net Global March by some very strange NTDM supporters which certainly is more malicious than factual. Unfortunately I have also been a victim of the leader, Mary Robbins, of that group of NTDM supporters and her friends so you must count me as being biased. Mary Robbins of Trinity Texas floods cyber space & social media with her own inimitable brand of lies under her own name and under false names. When the dust finally settles I believe that it is going to be a question of which organisation behaves respectfully towards their supporters and displays transparency in regards to publishing regular detailed reports on their fundraising activities. I am only able to report that NTDM, to date, refuses to comply with that simple request. In the meantime dogs need our voices to cry out against the hideous DMT and I cannot see that a Global March, as planned in April this year, is a matter for objection.

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