Controversy escalates as UK animal charity withholds funds donated to Chinese animal rescuer.

Oh dear, it seems nothing has changed in the smoke and mirrors policy of this UK animal charity since 2013. The charity first appeared on FB in May 2013.Their inauguration was in fact 18th May 2013. They pretended to be registered as a charity in USA and Europe. If you would like to read about the unsavory history of this organisation check out pages on

Charity Observer

If you are one of thousands of people aware of the “Dog and Cat Meat Trade” in Asia and beyond, it is likely you have come across the story of Mrs Yang. If not you can read about her in this article published by the Daily Mail on June 18th 2015. Please note that the article contains graphic photographs and video and may be upsetting to some people.

On June 13th 2015 a fundraiser was started to help Mrs Yang, by the No To Dog Meat organisation. Using the Total Giving online fundraising platform, the goal was set for £5,000.00 which was achieved easily by the 14th when an anonymous donor actually gave £5,000.00. The fundraiser steadily increased to the point where tens of thousands of pounds had been raised, and in fact the fundraiser is still open, at the time of writing, for donations.

Total Giving Fundraiser status as at 25 August 2015 Total…

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