Rebuttal of Lies Posted on a Ripoff Report

Report: #1167127

Complaint Review: International Animal Rescue Foundation, Animal Buddy, Michele Brown, John Williamson, Amber Donoghue




I have decided to republish these recordings, fortuitously saved in my library from the YouTube publication, because among the many other lies in the ripoff report, named above, is the following accusation that is long overdue in being addressed.


2014 John Williamson harassed the No To Dog Meat CEO Julia Cadenet with early morning/late night phone calls. While doing this he recorded her without her knowledge and his friend altered the conversation to make Julia appear suspect. The videos were however taken down from youtube.

If you have listened to those clips, then know this, John Williamson did not put the whole conversation up, and because of this people have turned against No To Dog Meat. Without knowing the full truth of what led to certain things being said.

We believe John gave the audio to Amber Donoghue for her to alter, as she has experience in Photoshop and audio due to her expertise in marketing for the xxx in Sussex. Where she makes advertisements, audio and digital graphics.” 

Amber has been falsely accused of editing the recordings; she had no knowledge of them until she heard them on YouTube. Her job does not include audio work and she has no experience of ever editing recording clips. The writer of the blog, Mary Robbins (of Walker, Trinity, Texas – simply made it up to implicate Amber in a bogus association. For the record, Amber has no affiliation whatsoever with IARF, NTDM, or SNTDM. Incidentally, Mary Robbins has been writing numerous malicious blogs about Amber since October 2013. More on that subject later. Now, since the writer of the defamatory report has publicly ‘opened the door’ to these recordings, the public should have the opportunity of judging for themselves if they believe they could have been edited to put words into Ms De Cadenet’s mouth. I have therefore decided to republish them. The writer of the report is in no doubt as to the identity of the woman, she is in fact a close friend of hers and was the official blogger for the No To Dog Meat charity, but she seems to believe that ‘Jose’, the man talking to Julia de Cadenet, is Jon W.

NB The woman is heard quite clearly in one of the recordings begging Jose to record her words.

One thought on “Rebuttal of Lies Posted on a Ripoff Report

  1. I am overwhelmed by all this information about No to Dog Meat charity. It’s almost too complex for my simple brain to process. But it does not sound good. That saddens me, and all I can hope is that the huge donations which were recently made via NTDM to help Mrs Yang Xiaoyun (Yulin dog rescuer) -are actually getting through to her! Almost £80,000 was raised and some have made monthly payments on-going. Many people have been deeply moved by this woman’s selfless giving to those dogs and cats. Meanwhile this 65 year old wonderful lady struggles under a workload which will surely kill her unless she gets some real practical help A.S.A.P.
    I hope No to Dog Meat have given her a lot more than £5000 and a free t shirt…..
    I want to know they are truly helping her and want to know they truly care.

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